Training exercise at the former Immanuel Baptist Church
January 5, 2022

Crews from the Rosedale Volunteer Fire Co and Fullerton Fire Station conducted a training exercise at the old Immanuel Baptist Church today, January 4th. The church recently transitioned to their new facility across the road from the existing building on Bucks Schoolhouse Rd. The firefighters were able to practice a variety of forcible entry techniques and roof ventilation skills. Hands on practice is a great way for fire fighters to improve their proficiency and try new ways of gaining access to a locked building or room. A second training is scheduled in the evening to work on search and rescue skills as well as hose line advancement in large spaces such as a church or other commercial building.

Rosedale Vol. Fire Co Past Chief, Eric Endryas was instrumental in obtaining the necessary permission and organizing this event. A special thank you goes to Developer Steve Weinstein and Project Director Dana White of Village Development Group for allowing us to utilize the property prior to being torn down. A great big thank you and congratulations on the new church building goes to the folks at Immanuel Baptist Church.