Rescue and Extrication Training
July 11, 2021

Ben Franklin said it - By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company spent yesterday preparing to succeed! Most know us as a dual engine
house and do not realize that we also carry a set of extrication tools on our Special Unit 283. They
include hydraulic Holmatro cutters, spreaders and ram. We have these tools to assist in vehicle
extrications that we encounter, especially with I95, 695, and Route 40 all in our first due.

On Saturday, 7/10/21, the team got together at Baltimore Towing Company, Inc. to practice those skills.
We practiced stabilization and cutting of multiple vehicle components so that we are ready to get those
in need out from a vehicle.

In addition, we recently acquired a set of Res-Q-Jacks that will aid in our ability and effectiveness in
stabilizing and lifting a vehicle to perform the rescue. These jacks allow us to quickly steady a vehicle so
that we can start cutting quickly and lift a vehicle straight up in the case of someone stuck under the

A big shout out to Baltimore Towing Company, Inc. for hosting us, Mission BBQ in Perry Hall for a
delicious lunch, and Station 16’s crews for coming out to train with us!!
Photos courtesy of our members – Shannon Conley, Joseph Nedley, Kingsley Anokwuru, and Lt. Micheal

Baltimore Towing Company

Baltimore County Fire Department Station 16

MISSION BBQ (Perry Hall, MD)

Chesapeake Fire and Rescue