Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company

Rosedale VFC Santa Schedule for 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014 

Yes, it's time to escort Santa to your neighborhood again!

Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company 280
Baltimore County, Maryland
Santa Schedule for 2014

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Fire box 16-1 major streets : Hazlewood Ave, Emelia Ave, Van Dyke Rd, Westwood Ave, N Hazlewood Ave, Southwood Ave, Clayton Ave, Farmview Ave, Meadow Rd, Old Home Rd, Elmwood Rd, Marglenn Ave, Charles Ave, Raspe Ave, Springwood Ave, Springwood Ct, Mannington Ave

Fire box 16-2 major streets : Hazelwood Ave,  Daybreak Terrace, Lanham Way, McFaul Rd, Sheila Rd, Cynthia Terrace, Cynthia Ct, Farnsworth Pl, Zangs Ln, Farmview Ave, Overdale, Canyon Ave, Point Pleasant, Comstock Ave, Day Star Ct, Morning Star Ct,  Twilight Ct, Sundown Ct, High Noon Way, Bright Star Ct, McCormick Elementary

Fire box 16-3 major streets : Kenwood Ave, East Ave, Trumps Mill Rd, North Ln, Cliffwood Rd, Wildwood Rd, Trumps Ct, Rush Rd, Hensel Ave, Morgan Ct, Overlea High School

Fire Box 8-2 major streets :Mannington Ave, Old Home Rd, Elwood Rd, Dale Ave, Meadow Rd, Kolb Ave, Belmar Ave, Glenmore Ave, Forest View Ave, Wecota Rd, Danville Rd, Walcott Rd, Kenwood Ave.

Fire Box 8-4 major streets : Point Pleasant Rd, St Patrick Rd, Dale Ave, Mawani Rd, Meise Dr, Ridgeway Ave, Belinda Ave, Glenmore Ave, Greenwood Ave, Elmont Ave, Elmwood Elementary

  • December 14th, Sunday
    Early afternoon run  (Starting at 2pm)
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Fire Box 15-1 major streets : North Point Road, Overview Ave,  Pembrooke Blvd, Adams Place, Bank St., Conley St., Gough St, Eastbrook Ave, E Baltimore St, Bridgewood Dr, Stratton Way,  Simmons, Westham Way, Ashby Ave, Eastern Ave, Eastwood Center

Fire Box 15-2 major streets : Rolling Mill Rd, Canton Center Dr, E Baltimore St, Eastdale Rd, Wynbrook Rd, Gough St, Landsdale Rd, Bank St, North Point Blvd, 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th Streets

Late afternoon run: (Starting at 6:00pm) 
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Fire Box 8-3 major streets: Linden Ave, Beech Ave, Willowdale Ave, Greenwood Ave, Dale Ave, Third St, Maple Ave, E. Overlea Ave, Willow Ave, Madeline Ave, E Elm Ave

Fire Box 8-6 major streets : Fullerton Ave, Alberta Ave, Kenwood Ave, McCormick Ave, Lillian Holt Dr, Kenlea Ave, Brookwood Ave, Edgeoak Rd, Lyndale Ave, Sipple Ave, Elinor Ave, Leslie Ave, Linhigh Ave, Willowdale Ave, Beech Ave, Cherry St, Linden Ave, Marks Ave, Fullerton Elementary

Fire Box 8-8 major streets : Henry Ave, Terrace Drive, Lyndale Ave, Sipple Ave, Elinor Ave, Leslie Ave, Linhigh Ave, Thorncliff Rd, Marion Ave, Meridy Ave, Merdo Ave,

Fire box 16-12 Major streets : Philadelphia Rd, Yellow Brick Road, Race Rd, Rossville Blvd

Fire box 16-14 Major streets : Ridge Rd, Square Ridge Road, Maya Way, Aspinwood Way, Maidstone Ct, Catoctin Ct, Pocono Ct, Pennsbury Place, Bouldercrest Ct, Trimble Way, Cartwright Ct, Bohn Ct, Rossville Blvd

Fire box 16-15 Major streets : Lennings Lane, Hospital Drive, Mayflower Rd. Kelly Ann Way, Aaron Mee Way, Crestview

Fire Box 8-20 major streets : Rossville Blvd, Lillian Holt Drive, Eagle Walk Rd, Gum Spring Rd, Leatherwood Pl, Brushfield Rd, Meadow Branch Ct, Barkdoll Ct, Kimbark Ct, Stonecutter Ct, Tomahawk Ct, Gillow Rd, Twincrest Ct, Glendower Ct

Fire Box 8-21 major streets : Gilley Terrace, Perryspring Way, Stella Brooke Lane, Kelseys Ln, Rossford Circle.

Fire Box 8-22 major streets : Rossville Blvd, Gum Spring, Turning Leaf Ct, Cedar Pond Ln, Cedar Farm Dr, Perry Hall Blvd, Riddle Drive, Gina Ct, Tamsin Ct, Mareille Drive.

Fire Box 16-5 major streets : Golden Ring Rd, Kenwood Ave, Hazelwood Ave, Weyburn Rd, Langdale Rd, Ellinwood Rd, Golden Ring Ct, Delegge Rd, Flintshire Rd, Kelbourne Rd, Wintergreen Place, Shadowbrook Ct, Shady Spring Ave, Herman Ave, Goldenwood Rd, Magdolena Rd, Lisa Ct.

Fire Box 16-6 major streets : Golden Ring Rd, Daytona Rd, Wilenoak Ct, Delegge Rd, Havenoak Rd, Fordcrest Rd, Glenwest Ct, Garvey Road, First Light, Days End, Morning Ct, Getty Drive. Fernsell Ct, Dutrow Ct, Manger Ct, Winkle, Talc Drive, Goldenwood Road, Tarpleys Circle, Clayfield Ct, Chriswell Ct, Baldridge Way, Brafferton Way , Travis Ct

Fire Box 16-4 major streets : Weyburn Rd, Weyhill Ct, Weyfield Ct, Ellinwood Rd, Greencastle Drive, Commons Rd, Fieldvale Rd, Hanford Rd, Willann Rd, Commons Ct, Scranton Rd, Redhouse Run Elementary.

Fire Box 16-7 major streets : Philadelphia Rd, Kenwood Ave, Rustic Ave, Evering Ave, Roxboro Rd, Chapel Hill Rd, Rocky Mountain Rd, Coco Rd, Mt Airy Rd, Burnfield, Draper Ct,  Elligson Rd, Corkley Rd, Allison Ln, Avery Rd, Daytona Rd, Basset Rd, Akron Rd, Kern Ave

Fire Box 28-6 major streets : Chesaco Ave, Rosedale Ave, Dalrose Ave, Riverdale Ave, Beechdale Ave, Oakdale Ave, Springdale Ave, Elmhurst Ave, Bridge Ave, Berk Ln, Sumter Ave, Lacotti Ln 

Fire Box 28-7 major streets : Pulaski Hwy, Shirley Ave, Gilmore Ave, Rosedale Ave, Chesaco Ave, Duvall Ave, Krueger Ave, Lawrence Ave, Batavia Farm Rd

Fire Box 28-8 major streets : Chesaco Ave, Patapsco Ave, Severn Ave, Patuxent Ave, Potomac Ave, Walnut Ave, Linden Ave, Edgewater Ave, Choptank Ave, Poplar Ave, Locust Ave,

  • December 20st,  Saturday
    early afternoon run  (Starting at noon)
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Fire Box 16-16 major streets : Rossville Blvd, Ridge Road, Trumps Mill Rd, Chand Ct, Bensel Ave, Buttonwood Ct, Ironwood Ct, Latimer Ct, Parham Circle, Averill Rd, Shakerwood Rd, Jarwood Rd, Arrowood Rd, Ross Ridge Rd, Ridgeborn Drive

Fire Box 16-13 major streets : Fontana Ln, Orion Ct, Gemini Ct, Serpens Ct, Capella Ct, Libra Ct, Philadelphia Ct, Volz Ln,

Late afternoon run: (Starting at 6:00 pm)
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Fire Box 28-2 major streets : Philadelphia Rd, Summit Ave, Longview Ave, Shiphorst Terrace, Beatty Ave, Brightside Ave, Wilhelm Ave, Longview Ct, Aster Rd, South Rd, Regal Rd, E Boundary Ave, Hilltop Ave, Woodruff Ave, Heinle Ave, Rollingside Ave, O'Dell Ave

Fire Box 28-3 major streets : Hamilton Ave, Rosewick Ave, Philadelphia Rd, Gransay Rd, Redmore Rd, Roseland Ave, Montrose Ave, Underhill Rd, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th Streets, Price Ave, Bluegrass Rd, Hamiltown Circle,  Holyoke Rd, Winterhaven Rd, Elkhart Ct, Crossett Rd, Nancy Ct, Bluegrass Heights

Fire Box 28-5 major streets : Pulaski Hwy, 62nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th, 66th, 67th, 68th, East Biddle St, Lake Drive, Manor Place, Philadelphia Rd,

  • December 21nd, Sunday
    Early afternoon run  (Starting at noon)
    click for map
Fire Box 28-1 major streets : Chesaco Ave, Radeke Ave, Landon Lane, Hamilton Ave, Lutz Hill Rd, Marquette Rd, St. Regis Rd, Barstow Rd, Framingham Rd, Lanette, Rd, Nahant Rd

Fire Box 28-10 major streets : McCormick Ave, Cy... [ more ]



Christmas trees are here, on sale starting tomorrow!

Friday, November 28, 2014  Christmas trees are here, on sale starting tomorrow!
And Santa will be visiting again this year, schedule coming up soon!



Collision at Pulaski Hwy & 66th St

Monday, September 22, 2014 
At 1525 on Sept 21st Engine 281 and Ambulance 285 were alerted for the report of a motor vehicle collision involving 2 vehicles with rollover at the intersection of Pulaski Hwy & 66th St. Rosedale’s Ambulance 285 was first to arrive on scene and advised that there was one person trapped in the over-turned  vehicle. Dispatch quickly struck out the rescue assignment alerting units from Golden Ring (16), Eastview (15) and Middle River Vol Ambo/Rescue (52). Rosedale’s Engine 281 arrived and assisted with vehicle stabilization in preparation for extrication and was joined by Engine 16 who helped assess the occupants of the second vehicle and supported rescue operations. Truck 15 arrived and quickly deployed their compliment vehicle extrication tools.

The trapped patient was freed within minutes of rescue operations and was transported by Medic 16 for treatment. There were no injuries amongst fire service personnel. The Baltimore County Police Crash Team is currently investigating the collision.

Engine 281 Crew:
Driver: FADO David Niederhauser
Officer: Lt Patrick Belton
Ambo 285 Crew:
Driver: FF/EMR Jared Harding
Attendant: FF/EMT Thomas Gagliano



16-12 Golden Ring Mini Storage Fire

Sunday, September 21, 2014 
Late in the evening on Sept 19th units from Golden Ring (16), Rosedale (280), Middle River (12), Essex (7), Fullerton (8), and Middle River Vol (22) were alerted for a building fire in the 8800 block of Philadelphia Rd. Ambulance 285 was first to arrive on scene and advised a single-story storage complex with smoke showing and requested the Working Fire assignment. Rosedale Engine 281 arrived and covered the hydrant for Engine 16. Both the crew from Ambo 285 and E281 quickly advanced up to the involved storage unit and assisted E16 with forced entry.

T8 arrived and made their way to the roof and began vertical ventilation. With E16 handling fire attack E281 checked both exposures for fire extension. Opening-up the wall between the involved unit and the one to the left the crew from E281 exposed direct access to the fire which was deep seated in the storage unit. E281 remained on scene to assist with overhaul and pack-up.

There were no reported injuries from either fire service personnel or civilians at scene. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Ambo 285 Crew:
Driver: FF/EMR Jared Harding
Attendant: FF/EMT Thomas Gagliano

Engine 281 Crew
Driver: FADO David Niederhauser
Officer: Lt Patrick Belton
Nozzleman: PFF Anthony Pakula



I-95 Auto Fire

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 
At 2041 on Sept 16 Engine 281 was alerted for the report of a vehicle fire on I-95N. Engine 281 arrived to find a pick-up truck well involved at the I95 & I895 merger. The Nozzleman and Irons quickly deployed a 1-3/4” attack line and placed it in service. Baltimore City E50 arrived and assisted with suppression operations.

The fire, which was mainly located in the bed and passenger compartment, was quickly knocked down. Due to the fire Maryland Transportation Police had halted all northbound traffic of both I95 & I895. There were no injuries from either fire service, police or civilians.



Rail line and warehouse fire

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 
Just before 4am on the morning of July 30th units from Rosedale (280) and Golden Ring (16) were alerted for the report of a brush fire along the CSX rail lines just off of Todds Ln. B286 arrived with E16 and B16 to find a large pile of wood pallets fully involved with extension in to the roof line of the adjacent vacant warehouse. The officer off of E16 requested the box to be filled which alerted units from Essex (7), Eastview (15), Fullerton (8), North Point-Edgemere (26) and Bowleys Quarters (21). Rosedale’s SU283 responded with additional personnel to support B286.

An 1-3/4” attack line from both E16 and B286 were quickly placed into service, knock the visible fire from the building and the pallets as other crew members from both units forced entry into the Delta side of the warehouse. Crews entering encounter light smoke conditions with no visible fire on the inside. With the arrival of T8 and T15 crews made their way to the roof to ventilate and expose the burning roof members. After their arrival E7, E71 and E15 set up water supply and assisted crew with extinguishment and overhaul. Squads 262 and 213 assisted with lighting and supported the suppression operations.

Due to the quick and professional actions by the first arriving units the fire was kept in check from further extension and rapidly brought under control. No injuries were reported from fire service personnel. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Rosedale Crew:
Driver: Lt Patrick Belton
Officer/nozzleman: FF/EMT Thomas Gagliano

Driver: FF/EMR Jared Harding



Come make a difference....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 
You want to make a difference?  Check out the video to see a little of what we did in 2013.

Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company in 2013

Call 410-866-4042 and ask about an application to join our team.
Don’t want to ride but want to help? Ask about being an Associate member.
Thank you!



Fire Box 28-05 photos

Tuesday, July 15, 2014  A few more pics from our recent Biddle St Box 28-05 dwelling fire, courtesy of Zach Horchar and Mike Wright. Thanks!



Fire Box 28-05

Sunday, July 13, 2014 
2-story balloon frame constructed dwelling
Heavy smoke showing on arrival
After heavy fire conditions persisted, the building was evacuated and external fire attack was initiated.

A firefighter from Rosedale 28 was transported by Medic 7 for heat exhaustion and overexertion and was subsequently released. No civilian injuries.
BOX: 028-05
UNIT: BC31 E282 E16 E15 E7 T15 S523 E71 T8 M285 M7 AU248 REH15

282 Engine crew:
Driver/Engineer:Eric Endryas
Officer: Charles Hueter
Officer: Patrick Belton
Pipe: T.J. Gagliano
Irons:Danny Ciapura
Fifth: Giovanni Lumaro

Rosedale Utility crews:
Anthony Pakula
David Neiderhauser
Stephen Sobul
Willis Spencer
Corbin Mitchell
Elizabeth Gardner



A recruitment video compiled by our members. All events are from 2013. Enjoy!



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