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Mother's Day Chicken Dinner coming up!

Sunday, April 10, 2016 

Our annual Mother's Day Chicken Dinner is right around the corner!

Sunday, May the 8th
Noon to 5pm
Rosedale Gardens at 8037 Philadelphia Road Baltimore, MD 21237
All you can eat dinner includes: Baked chicken, Vegetables, Rolls, Desserts, Coffee, Tea and cold drinks (Beer and Soft drinks extra)
Donation:Adults: 10
Seniors 62 and over: 8
Children 5 to 12: 6
Carry Out :12
Information Line:410 866 2598
All proceeds benefit the Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company, a not for profit organization Thank you!



Dwelling Fire on 32nd St

Friday, March 11, 2016 2315

At 11:15pm on 03/11/16 Engine 282 (Rosedale), Engine 16 (Golden Ring), Engine 7 (Essex), Engine & Truck 15 (Eastview) were alerted for the report of a dwelling fire in the 7900 Block of 32nd St. Baltimore Country Police (BCoPD) were first to arrive and made a request for a medic to evaluate and transport a burn patient. E282 arrived at location and reported a 1-1/2 story single family dwelling with nothing evident from the exterior. Command quickly upgraded to smoke inside. Rosedale’s E281 also responded to the scene with additional personnel. After stretching a 1-3/4” attack line the Pipeman off of E282 entered the dwelling to locate the source of the smoke indentifying a basement fire. E16 began to stretch another 1-3/4” attack line to the rear of the dwelling. E282’s Pipeman rapidly advance his line to the basement and made a quick knock on the fire located in a confined room in the basement. T15 completed a search, ensuring the dwelling was clear of occupants.

With the fire under control units held on scene for the BCoPD Fire Investigation Division (FID) to arrive. After FIS completed inspecting the scene crews from both E281 & E282 completed overhaul of the fire room removing fire debris and made a final check for extension in the immediate walls.

One occupant was transported to Bayview Burn Center. There were no injuries reported among fire service personnel.

Rosedale’s Crew:


Driver: Chief Chuck Leiss

Officer: Lt Patrick Belton

Pipeman: FF/Medic TJ Gagliano

Irons: FF/EMR Alex McJilton


Driver: FADO Richard Gross

Officer: FF/EMR Jared Harding

Pipeman: FF/EMR Stephen Sobul Jr

Irons: EMT/FF Danny Ciapura



Basement Fire in Garden Village

Friday, March 11, 2016 0110

Just after 1am on 03/11/16 Baltimore County 911 was notified of a possible dwelling fire in the 6000 Block of Nahant Rd. This alerted Engine 282 (Rosedale), Engine 16 (Golden Ring), Engine 7 (Essex), Engine & Truck 8 (Fullerton). Battalion Chief 3 arrived at location and reported a 2-story middle of group with light smoke showing. Upon his further investigation via a visual inspection of the rear he verified a basement fire. E16 arrived in front of the dwelling and began to stretch an 1-3/4” attack line to the rear.

Rosedale’s E282 arrived and took to the rear of the dwelling and stretched a second 1-3/4” attack line. E16 opened up the rear basement window and knocked all visible fire from the exterior. The crew from E282 then assisted E16 with forcing the rear basement door and advancing the attack line into the basement to search for extension. The fire was contained to the area of origin. There were no injuries reported from either fire service personnel or occupants.

Rosedale’s Crew:


Driver: FADO Richard Gross

Officer: Lt Patrick Belton

Pipeman: FF/Medic TJ Gagliano

Irons: FF/EMR Alex McJilton

Lead-off: FF/EMR Stephen Sobul Jr


Driver: EMT/FF Danny Ciapura



Vehicle Fire on I95

Saturday, February 20, 2016 1452 Just before 3pm on Feb 20th Engine 16 (Golden Ring) & Engine 282 (Rosedale) was alerted for the report of a vehicle fire south bound on I95 between Chesaco Ave and the City Line. Engine 372 (English Counsel) was traveling south bound on I95 when the call was dispatched and was first to arrive to find a U-Haul truck with fire showing from the rear of the cargo compartment. E372 deployed an 1-3/4" attack line and began fire suppression operations.

E282 was second to arrive and began to back-up E372 with manpower as several mattresses had to be removed in order to make to gain better access to the fire. E16 arrived and deployed a second line to assist with suppression operations. With the need for more water and vent holes in the U-Haul a request was made for an additional engine and a truck, this alerted Engine & Truck 8 (Fullerton).

Units operated on scene for approximately 40 minutes before units were able to begin clearing. Due to the fire 2 of the 3 lanes of the south bound side of I95 were shutdown causing delays in traffic.



Rosedale VFC 2015

Sunday, January 31, 2016  Please click the link below to view our 2015 year in review video.



Early Morning Dwelling Fire in Fullerton

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 0350


Just before 4am this morning Baltimore County 911 received reports of a dwelling fire in the 600 Blk of Old Home Rd (Fire Box: 8-02). Fire Dispatch promptly alerted Battalion Chief 32, Engine & Truck 8 (Fullerton), Engine 16 (Golden Ring), Engine 281 (Rosedale), Engine 10 (Parkville), and Squad 523 (Middle River Vol). Medic 8 and Emergency Medical Supervisor 6 were first to arrive at location and reported a 2-story, single family dwelling with fire showing from the Bravo (left) side. E8 & T8 arrived followed in short order by E16 and initiated fire suppression operations. E281 arrived and covered the hydrant that E8 was hand stretching a supply line to. E55 (Perry Hall) was requested by command to assume RIT (Rapid Intervention Team).

The crew from E281 began to stretch a back-up line as the officer check Charlie (rear) side conditions. With E8 making an attack from the interior and nothing presenting from the Charlie side E281’s crew was preparing to make entry into the dwelling when T8 called for an attack line to be advanced to Division 2 (second floor) due to being met by high heat and low visibility at the top of the staircase. E281 assisted E16 with advancing the attack line to Div2 and assisted with ventilation.

With the fire completely knocked down and the dwelling ventilated crews preformed limited overhaul pending the arrival of a Fire Investigator. Command directed E281 to stretch lighting to the interior to assist E10 still operating on Division 1 (first floor). Command then placed the fire under control and began releasing units as they completed their tasks. E281 assisted E8 with packing up the secondary line before going in service.

There were no reported injuries from either civilians or fire service personnel. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

E281 Crew:

Driver: Chief Charles Leiss

Officer: Lt Patrick Belton

Pipeman: EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Irons: FF Alex McJilton

Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano


Winter Fire Safety PSA

Thursday, January 14, 2016  The Rosedale Vol Fire Co along with the National Fire Protection Association would like to offer you some tips on helping prevent house fires caused by heating.



Adult themed bingo on February the 12th!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 

Adult themed bingo coming up! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Where? Rosedale Gardens at 8037 Philadelphia Rd. Baltimore MD 21237
When? On Friday, February the 12th.
Doors open at 6:30pm.You must be 18 or older to enter.
All proceeds will go to the Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company.
Tickets are 20 in advance and 25 dollars at the door.
For more information and to purchase tickets please call 410-866-2598. Thank you!



Rained Out

Monday, December 14, 2015 

Due to rain conditions Rosedale has to postpone Santa's Run tonight. The area that was to be covered tonight (16-12, 16-14, 16-15) will be done on Dec 19 (Saturday) starting at 1200pm (noon). The RVFC extends its apologies to all Santa's waiting fans.

Fire box 16-12 Major streets : Philadelphia Rd, Yellow Brick Road, Race Rd, Rossville Blvd

Fire box 16-14 Major streets : Ridge Rd, Square Ridge Road, Maya Way, Aspinwood Way, Maidstone Ct, Catoctin Ct, Pocono Ct, Pennsbury Place, Bouldercrest Ct, Trimble Way, Cartwright Ct, Bohn Ct, Rossville Blvd

Fire box 16-15 Major streets : Lennings Lane, Hospital Drive, Mayflower Rd. Kelly Ann Way, Aaron Mee Way, Crestview



Motor Vehicle Collision with Rescue

Saturday, December 12, 2015 0121 Early in the morning on Dec 12th Engine 281 (Rosedale), Medic 16 (Golden Ring), and EMS 3 were alerted for the report of a single vehicle MVC. The call was quickly upgraded to a rescue assignment adding Battalion Chief 33 (3rd Battalion), Truck 15 (Eastview), Squad 262 (North Point-Edgemere) and Medic 8 (Fullerton).

E281, Special Unit 283 and M16 arrived on scene in short order and confirmed 1 individual entrappted and another ejected from the vehicle. Personnel from both E281 and M16 worked the ejected patient but due to inuries rececived the individual was pronounced on scene. Crews from T15, SU283, and S262 worked to extracate the entrapped patient freeing him to be transported by M8 to a truama center for treatment.

Rosedale's Crews:


Driver: Chief Chuck Leiss

Officer: Lt Patrick Belton

Pipeman: EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Irons: PFF Alex McJilton


Driver: EMT/FF David Collier

Officer: FF/EMR Steve Sobul



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