Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company

Christmas Eve Fire


Saturday, December 24, 2016 0515  Just after 5a.m. on Christmas Eve Rosedale (280), Golden Ring (16), Essex (7), Eastview (15), and Middle River Volunteers (74) were alerted for the report of a dwelling fire in the 600 Block of Patuxent Ave (Box 28-08). Rosedale’s E281 arrived with fire showing from a single story dwelling. E281’s crew stretched a 1-3/4” attack line for an aggressive interior attack. E16 arrived and, while covering E281’s hydrant, stretched a 2nd attack line. At this time E282 and SU283 responded to assist units. The nozzleman from E281 made a quick knock of all visible fire while E16 began to check the attic for extension. E16 noted that there was still a small amount of fire in the attic space. E7 arrived and assisted T15 with a search of the dwelling. E282’s crew stretched a back-up line into the dwelling to assist crews on the inside.

Due to the quick and professional actions of the first arriving companies the fire was placed under control in short order. There were no injuries from either civilians or fire service personnel on scene.