Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company

Early Morning Dwelling Fire in Fullerton


Tuesday, January 19, 2016 0350


Just before 4am this morning Baltimore County 911 received reports of a dwelling fire in the 600 Blk of Old Home Rd (Fire Box: 8-02). Fire Dispatch promptly alerted Battalion Chief 32, Engine & Truck 8 (Fullerton), Engine 16 (Golden Ring), Engine 281 (Rosedale), Engine 10 (Parkville), and Squad 523 (Middle River Vol). Medic 8 and Emergency Medical Supervisor 6 were first to arrive at location and reported a 2-story, single family dwelling with fire showing from the Bravo (left) side. E8 & T8 arrived followed in short order by E16 and initiated fire suppression operations. E281 arrived and covered the hydrant that E8 was hand stretching a supply line to. E55 (Perry Hall) was requested by command to assume RIT (Rapid Intervention Team).

The crew from E281 began to stretch a back-up line as the officer check Charlie (rear) side conditions. With E8 making an attack from the interior and nothing presenting from the Charlie side E281’s crew was preparing to make entry into the dwelling when T8 called for an attack line to be advanced to Division 2 (second floor) due to being met by high heat and low visibility at the top of the staircase. E281 assisted E16 with advancing the attack line to Div2 and assisted with ventilation.

With the fire completely knocked down and the dwelling ventilated crews preformed limited overhaul pending the arrival of a Fire Investigator. Command directed E281 to stretch lighting to the interior to assist E10 still operating on Division 1 (first floor). Command then placed the fire under control and began releasing units as they completed their tasks. E281 assisted E8 with packing up the secondary line before going in service.

There were no reported injuries from either civilians or fire service personnel. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

E281 Crew:

Driver: Chief Charles Leiss

Officer: Lt Patrick Belton

Pipeman: EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

Irons: FF Alex McJilton

 Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano

 Helmet Cam Image From EMT/FF TJ Gagliano